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Consultation & Services

Would you like to have one of our expert consultants guide your implementation of the Pyramid Approach to Education and/or PECS? Pyramid offers a variety of consultation services to meet the individual needs of your learner(s). Our knowledgeable consultants will work directly with you, the learner and/or members of the educational team. Consultation is appropriate for learners of any age (children, teenagers or adults). Services may take place in the home, school or community settings. It is one of the most effective ways to help your learners make progress in a variety of skill areas. Please see below for our extensive list of services.

Services for Families

PECS Start-Up™
PECS Check-Up™
Home Consultation
Distance Consultation

Services for Organizations

PECS Start-Up™
PECS Check-Up™
Classroom Consultation
Pyramid Powered Certified Classrooms
Community Consultation
PECS Intensive Summer Program
Distance Consultation

Service Delivery:

A variety of consultation options are available, so that interested participants around the country can gain access to our premiere consultative services. Delivery models include:

Join the thousands of other clients that have changed the lives of their learners through Pyramid consultation. It’s time to picture your student learning! Click here to learn more about cost and availability.

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