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New Featured Podcast & Blog


"Stronger Every Day, Follow our journey with Tess," is a new podcast and blog created by a parent with a child that has special needs. Recently this parent, Bo Bigelow, posted an impressive description of the first three phases of the PECS Protocol. Listen to this helpful podcast and also visit the blog for their family's journey.

To listen to the Podcast:

To view the Blog:



Webcast Series


Beneficial webcast series available! Our webcasts incorporate slide show presentations and audio narration. Current titles include: I am the Master of My EmotionsPECS and Skinner’s Verbal BehaviorA Clear Picture: The Use and Benefits of PECS and The Pyramid Approach for Parents and Professionals. To watch these free webcasts, click here!


Autism Awareness Month App Special


In honor of Autism Awareness Month, our following apps will be on sale through the month of April: PECS® IV+, PECS® Phase III, iHear PECS®: Animals™, Wait4it™, and Working4™!

Visit for more info!


Teaching Critical Communication Skills - Online Workshop


Our one day workshop Teaching Critical Communication Skills is now available as an online workshop in English! ASHA and BACB CEUs are available! Introductory rate of $99.00 USD. For more information or to enroll in the workshop, click here.


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