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Oakville, Ontario (PECS Level 2 Training)
07/13/2017 - 07/14/2017

Professional Cost: $375.00CAD
Student/Parent of PECS User Cost: $175.00CAD

The venue of the workshop is not yet available.

 Pricing is subject to applicable taxes.

Please make sure the below information is accurate as we use this information on your certificates!

How many particpants will be attending this workshop?:

Disclaimer: All registrants who wish to attend the PECS Advanced Training must have completed the following prerequisite course: The PECS Basic Training.

For the most effective and beneficial results, Pyramid Educational Consultants requires each participant to have already attended the PECS Basic Training a minimum of 2 months prior to attending the PECS Advanced Training. This will give each attendee having completed the PECS Basic Training adequate time to practice and implement the PECS protocol with learners in a variety of environments before moving on to the "next step in PECS" (the PECS Advanced Training).

Before proceeding to the next page, (to complete registration) please verify that you have completed the PECS Basic Training, (presented by Pyramid Educational Consultants*) by checking off the box below.

I attest that I have attended the PECS Basic Training no sooner than 2 months prior to this workshop's first day of service, and I am now ready to register for this exciting PECS Advanced Training!

This workshop is eligible for a group discount click here to view it.

*All participants expecting to attend the PECS Advanced Training should be aware that any "PECS" workshops presented by any party other than Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. cannot be guaranteed to have been taught properly. Illegal PECS workshops (or non-Pyramid Ed. Consultants, Inc. presented PECS workshops) unfortunately take place from time to time, and in addition to the legal issue of abusing Pyramid's Intellectual Property, there is no guarantee that the presenter will conduct this training with accuracy or provide the correct information to the participants so the audience can implement the PECS protocol properly. In closing, for quality assurance, Pyramid asks that you reconsider attending any "PECS" workshops NOT presented by Pyramid Educational Consultants, and for those who may plan to attend the PECS Advanced Training, please note that if they have attended a "PECS Basic Training" presented by any organization or person not affiliated with Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc., please contact our business office to learn the best course of action (before registering for this workshop).

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